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Adult Education


CMOB Adult Education

“Cmob-Adult-Education Understanding adult learner needs is essential for providing quality education. At community mobilization organization (CMO), one approach for accomplishing this is through the assessment and evaluation of each adult’s needs.


CMO’s Adult Education/literacy programs intend to assist adults:

  • to become literate and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency
  • who are parents/guardians to obtain the educational skills necessary to become full partners in the educational development of their children
  • basic computer training
  • Resume writing
  • Adult literacy training for parents that leads to economic self-sufficiency


CMOB’s adult education program is centered on the idea that “knowledge is power” you give people the tools and show them how to use it they would empower themselves, their love ones and impact their communities. We would be responsive to the needs of the Adult community and approach their learning and development in a systematic and sustaining self- educating way with activities to aid in their gaining new knowledge, Skills and Attitudes.

The program will tackle literacy services (English literacy programs; ESL and Numeracy). We intend to partner with local businesses and colleges when possible so as to enable the partakers apply any practical aspect of their learning and development. We believe that investing in them can lead to many benefits and fewer adults depending on welfare.

The necessity for such platform is profound in many of the deprived communities. We intend to be the advocate for a change fostering those who are destitute and feel left behind.

As noted by the from the below studies/research/writing

Need: In the US, over 30 million adults do not have a high school diploma and 20% of US adults with a high school diploma have only beginning literacy skills. The US ranked 21st in numeracy and 16th in literacy out of 24 countries in a recent assessment of adults’ skills.i Two-thirds of U.S. adults scored at the two lowest levels of proficiency in solving problems in technology-rich environments. Yet, the publicly funded adult education system is able to serve only slightly over 2 million young and older adults per year.ii There are waiting lists for classes in all 50 states.iii Current levels of federal and state funding combined do not come close to meeting the need.

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